My 7 all time favorite attractions

In my life I have seen some theme parks. People that do not usually go would say ‘a lot’. But I have never been to a theme park outside Europe. It is on my bucket list though. Today I share with you a list of seven all time favorite attractions. 

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Dreams can come true

As a little girl I have always dreamed about working in a theme park. Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to become, the answer was ‘The directer of the Efteling’. Years went by, but the dream remained. When I heard that there was an opportunity to do a study that prepares you to work in the field, I immediately enrolled myself. This opportunity, given by the NHTV, is introduced because of the high interest and the growing field.  I had an interview with leisure expert Klaus Hoven, a coordinator of the track that the NHTV offers. He told me a lot about the field and the track they offer.


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Harry Potter the Exhibition, an immersive experience

If you adore Harry Potter and you live in the Netherlands then I have some good news for you. The exhibition is in Utrecht! I have been there last week and I think it was delightful. I recommend you to visit as well because it is not just some attributes put together, no they truly created an immersive experience of the exhibition. It was really interactive and even if you have never seen or read Harry Potter, you would still want to go there. 


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